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Original Fiction Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 01, 2009 11:39 am

Short Shorts Writing Contest Rules
Deadline: All manuscripts must be received by YAOiFEST by Monday August 3rd, 2009. Please either send all manuscripts by email in standard manuscript format to:


Or use the online submission form:

Contest Form

Categories: Lemon(Rated 18+) and Lime(anything rated lower then 18+). Do not send submissions to the Lemon category if you are under eighteen.
Prizes: 75$ for first place in each category
Maximum Word Count: 2500

Headers: Please indicate title, category and word count in the header of your manuscript. This contest will be judged anonymously so do not put identifying information in your manuscript.

Contest Theme: YAOiFEST’s theme is ‘what’s your flavor?’ Submitted written works should reflect YAOiFEST’s theme. Or this year’s specific theme: ‘Fresh Start’. Your interpretation of either theme or both does not have to be literal or obvious, but there should be some connection.

Content: No Shota or underage characters. If your characters are not identified as over 18 your written work will not be accepted. No animals; anthropomorphics are fine as long as they are humanoid and their sexual anatomy is human. Your work must depict a relationship between two men . The relationship should be central to the resolution of the story’s conflict. The relationship does not have to be explicitly stated for the Lime category. Shounen-ai, or bromances are acceptable in the Lime category but they do have to be central.

Professionalism: Please use spellchecker! Also employ a beta reader or proofreader if you have one. Don’t distract from your riveting story, fantastic chemistry and well drawn characters with obvious grammatical and spelling errors. Please submit in standard manuscript format.

Contest Details: Written works will be judged in the latter half of July. Winning entries will be included in the program book. Depending on the number of submissions we may have one, two or three winners plus runner-ups.

Judging: The contest judging will be done anonymously so do not have any identifying information on the electronic manuscript you submit.

Judging Criteria:
60% Story and Characterization
20% Adherence to theme, stylistic elements
20% Professionalism

Awards: 1st place winners receive a cash prize of 75$. All winners of the YAOiFEST Writing Contest will receive recognition at the event, publication on YAOiFEST’s website and a free swag bag of stuff.



Due to a lack of entries the writing contests have been cancelled. we appologize to all people who were interested.

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