Fan Art Contest Rules

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Fan Art Contest Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:37 pm

Art Contest Rules

Deadline: All art must be received by YAOiFEST by August 3rd, 2009. Please upload your files through our Contest Entry Form:

Contest Entry Form

Art Content
There will be two categories for judging. Lemon and Lime. Art submitted to the Lemon category must be rated mature. No Shota or underage characters. If any character is not identified as over 18 or visibly over eighteen your artwork will not be accepted. No sexual situations involving animals should be depicted; anthropomorphics are acceptable if as they are humanoid and have human sexual anatomy.

The second category is Lime. Art submitted to this category should not depict sexual acts, masturbation or full frontal nudity. Pinups with sexual anatomy covered, kissing, cuddling, hugging and fluff are acceptable for the Lime category. Art should depict a man or men only, no women even as background characters. This is YAOiFEST! We want Yaoi!


All art should have a clean, professional appearance. No rips, tears, glue marks etc.

Contest Details

Art will be judged in the first half of August. Winning entries will be published on the website. Depending on the number of submissions we may have one, two or three winners plus runner-ups.


1st place winners receive a cash prize of 50$. All winners of the YAOiFEST Art Contest will all receive recognition at the event, publication on YAOiFEST’s website, display at YAOiFEST in the Silent Auction and a free swag bag of stuff.

Silent Auction

Winners must be ready to send us print-ready digital art that has letter or tabloid dimensions and is at least 300 dpi. It will be displayed and made available for purchase in the Silent Auction.

Contact us for more info:

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