Flirt/Fling Rules & Regulations

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Flirt/Fling Rules & Regulations

Post by Mackey on Tue Jun 09, 2009 8:19 pm

Our intent is to provide everyone attending Yaoifest Flirt, and all Yaoifest Flirt staff and volunteers a fun, enjoyable and safe experience. Please read and follow the following rules to ensure that everyone has a safe and memorable time at Yaoifest Flirt


First and foremost abide by Canadian federal law. Alberta provincial law. and the City of Calgary municipal by-laws.


Any behavior that intentionally annoys or insults an individual or group will not be tolerated. As such, activities such as "Glomping" are expressly forbidden. Following someone for no reason, threatening someone are also forbidden. Bringing physical harm to any individual or group will result in being removed from Yaoifest Flirt. Hateful language against any race or sexuality is expressly forbidden. Respect your fellow Yaoifest Flirt attendees, and Yaoifest Flirt staff. Respect the "Bishonen" and any Butler Cafe Volunteers. Respect the Host Club volunteers. Respect the vendors. Yaoifest Flirt staff define "respect" as the following: Do not touch, molest, grope, or kiss, anyone without their express permission. Sexual harassment will result in your Immediate Removal from Yaoifest Flirt.

If you feel that you have been harassed, or assaulted, please report the matter immediately
to Yaoifest Flirt Staff or Security. Please do not hesitate to do so as soon as possible. If you feel you have been unjustly accused of harassment you may appeal to Yaoifest Flirt head staff
or security, but please remember that their decision is final.

Above all we want every person attending Yaoifest Flirt and all staff and volunteers to have a safe and enjoyable experience.


Yaoifest Flirt staff reserve the right to deem a costume unacceptable. Please abide by common rules of decency. Also know that footwear is required in all areas.


No weapons or prop weapons are permitted at Yaoifest Flirt. This includes any guns, knives, swords, peacebound or not. No weapon replica's are permitted. No cardboard swords. No squirt guns. Leave them at home.


Please bring government issued picture ID that states you are at least 16 years of age on August 29 2009.

Alcohol Policy:

Yaoifest flirt is an alcohol free event. Do not bring any alcohol to Yaoifest Flirt. We will not be serving alcohol at this event, Also, any intoxicated/disorderly individuals will not be permitted at this event. Bringing alcohol to this event or being disorderly is grounds for removal from the event.


Smoking is only permitted outside, and in designated zones.


No signs are permitted at this event. If you are seen with a sign, security staff reserve the right to confiscate it.


Only personal assistance animals are permitted at this event ( I.E. seeing eye dogs)

Event Space:

All staff reserve the right to check your bag at the door. Yaoifest Flirt is not liable for any losses that occur.
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