Yaoifest Bishie auction rules

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Yaoifest Bishie auction rules

Post by Minion on Sun Jun 21, 2009 2:03 pm

In the following set of rules, "auctionee" refers to the bachelor that is offering a single date to the highest bidder. "Auction participant" refers to anyone who attends the Bishie auction whether or not he or she makes a bid on an auctionee. "Winning bidder" refers to the individual who placed the highest bid for any particular auctionee and has paid the bid to the auction organizers.

1. In order to respect all individuals' privacy, auctionees and winning bidders will not be required to reveal to each other any personally identifying information other than their first name.

2. What the winning bidder actually receives will be a chance to arrange a date with the auctionee after Yaoifest, for a period of one hour. The date is required to be in a public place where both the auctionee and winning bidder can arrive at by their own transportation.

3. Both the auctionee and winning bidder can refuse to go on the winning date. If a date between the winning bidder and auctionee does not occur due to the auctionee either deciding not to or being unable to go on the date, the winning bidder will receive a full refund of their paid bid. In order to receive the refund, the winning bidder should contact the auction organizers within 2 weeks after Yaoifest.

4. Both the auctionee and winning bidder may remove themselves from the date and cut their time allotment short if they feel they are uncomfortable or feel they are being mistreated. Please direct complaints to Yaoifest’s Chairperson immediately.

5. The highest bidder will only be considered the winning bidder after he or she has paid for their bid. All bids will be paid for in cash.

6. By attending the auction, all auctionees and every auction participant agrees that the auction organizers cannot be held liable for the actions of any auctionee or auction participant. This includes, but is not limited to, criminal or immoral actions by either the winning bidder or auctionee during either the auction event or at any time before or after the auction event. All auction participants and auctionees are highly encouraged to practice good judgement when participating in either the Bishie auction or the individual dates.

7. While oriented towards mature adults, the Bishie auction and subsequent dates are intended to be enjoyable by all participants. No lewd, sexually suggestive, physically aggressive, immature, or demeaning behavior by any auction participants or auctionees will be tolerated.
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