Flirt Music requests and rules

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Flirt Music requests and rules

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:21 pm

NO CDS, MP3 PLAYERS, OR USB STICKS! We do not want to be responsible for these items getting broken, lost, stolen, or having to get them back to thier proper owners at the end of the night. Just simple requests of Song Title or Anime Theme and the Artist (if you don't know the artist that's fine hopefully Kiyo will be able to find it.) Please keep in mind we have a time limit and there will be a half hour of requests at the dance as well but unfortunately, we will not be able to play everything. Thanks a ton and hope to see you all there!

A Request on behalf of Kiyo, our DJ:

If you are not a volunteer for the dance there is no reason for you to be back there. There is very important equipment and wires around that anyone could trip on. Please, please, PLEASE DO NOT GO BEHIND THE DJ BOOTH!!!!!!!


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