Cosplay Rules

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Cosplay Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:22 am

1. All costumes must be related to Yaoi Anime, Manga, Game, Comics, or
Original characters only.
2. Costumes can't be store brought or Commissioned, 70% of the costume
must be made by you. If it is store bought or commissioned it will not be elligible
for the contest, but can do a skit. Only the skit will be judged not the costume.
3. Weapons of any kind are prohibited at YAOiFEST. Please
do not bring your weapons for the event.
4. Skits will be limited to 4 mins for groups & 2 mins for solo, Skits over this time
can be disqualified.
5. Skits may not contain nudity, racism or vulgarity.
6. No messy substances will be allowed on stage or in the Judging room. This
includes throwing confetti, splashing someone with water, etc.
7. Contestants may not enter a costume in the novice category that has won an
award at any event in which there were more than 15 contestants.
8. Helpers for cosplayers will be allowed, 2 at max, please add them onto the
registration form.
9. Any music or pre-recorded materials must be turned in with the registration
for approval, 2 hours prior to acceptance.
10. You and all team members must check in with the registration 1 hour prior to
contest or you will be withdrawn from entry.

Details will be in program and posted at the con.

- Novice - Groups with no entrants who has won three or more cosplay awards.
- Veteran - Groups with at least one entrant who has won four or more cosplay
- Permormance - Based on skits.

Items which are strictly prohibited include:
• Any kind of weapon, no matter what kind of material, or form. Weapons, or material
that resemble weapons of any kind are prohibited on the Delta Bow Valley premises
for any reason. Please respect their policy, and leave your weapons or semblance
there of at home.

Failure to comply with cosplay rules may result in disqualification or being asked
to forfeit your prize.

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